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How to organize a Cybersecurity office?

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A Cyberattack Occurs Every 39 Seconds. Are you ready to fight security threats?

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Challenges facing

Shortage in professional cyber security workforce based on each role in the organization.
• Hands-on experience instead of OJT.
• Training based on regulations requirements.


Our Goal

• Comprehend cyber security and be familiar with the cyber world and its basic terms.
• Operate within a set of procedures, rules and policies wherever applicable.
• Provide operational, information, application and infrastructure level security.
• Recognize and implement the common defense tools for endpoint, servers and cloud computing.
• Be able to implement ethical hacking methods.
• Recognize and implement the common cyber-attack methods, threats and computers vulnerabilities.
• Manage cyber security risks to valued assets.

• The training itself and the written material will be covered in the Spanish language.
• The trainings are available onsite and online (according to COVID-19 limitations in each country).
• The Student need to participate in the course, achieve high scores in exams, labs and lesson assignment.
• At least 50% of the course includes practice of hands-on labs


Role Based Learning

Security Operation Center

• SOC Analyst

• Incident Response

• Forensics

• Manager


• Penetration Testers

• Red Team

Better defense

• Malware Analyst
• Threat Intelligence
• Threat Hunting
• Security Architect

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Our Program


SOC (Security Operation Center) the heart of corporate defenses. SOC is the eyes and ears of any traffic and actions inside the company’s network. To be a SOC analyst, you need a practical skill with security systems, offensive security and incident response alongside basic understanding of terminology, methodology, and countermeasures. Through theoretical and practical training, this course provides the whole skillset to become a SOC analyst for beginners with limited or no prior experience.


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